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Previous Projects

Elite Orlando VIP Website
Website Build
Makayla at MPR Designs

[Website Build] Elite Orlando Vip Tours

Check out this website redesign for Elite Orlando VIP Tours. The new user-friendly website streamlines the booking process, provides a visually appealing design, and is mobile responsive. Post-launch results showed SEO success with increased inquiries and Google ranking.

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Current Surfboard Website Example
Makayla at MPR Designs

[Website Build] Current Surfboards

Current Surfboards contacted us for a website that would collect information for custom surfboards as well as an e-commerce tool for the companies surf apparel.

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MPR Completed Projects

Chris and Kim approached MPR Designs for a website redesign, seeking to address the outdated aspects of their previous site and prioritize clarity. MPR Designs collaborated closely with the Elite VIP team, offering live creative sessions to explain their SEO strategy and basics. The objective was to create a user-friendly platform for booking theme park tours in Orlando, focusing on mobile responsiveness and an appealing design featuring lighter golds, blues, and purples. The site aimed to streamline the booking process, provide essential information, and encourage user engagement with clear calls to action.


The final content review and preparation phase ensured the accuracy and readiness of the website, empowering the client to manage future updates. After the successful launch, the site quickly generated leads, including tour inquiries, contact forms, and conversations. Notably, the SEO efforts paid off, ranking the website in the coveted 3rd position for ‘Orlando VIP Tours’ on Google. MPR Designs’ responsive, integrated, and deadline-driven approach, along with live Zoom meetings and Google Analytics analysis, helped Elite Orlando VIP Tours streamline their processes and achieve a remarkable online presence. Read more about Elite’s Website Project.


masri website picture


At MPR Designs, we recognize the significance of a compelling online presence, exemplified through our collaboration with Libon, a dedicated attorney aiming to expand his law firm, Masri Law Group. Our journey with Libon transcended mere website creation; it revolved around crafting a powerful digital platform that mirrors the excellence of his legal practice.


Libon’s vision prompted him to seek MPR Designs’ expertise in website design to establish a mobile-friendly, user-centric, and visually appealing website. A color scheme decision, multiple live Zoom sessions, strategic contact form implementation, CRM setup, and comprehensive content review contributed to the website’s success. Our collaboration with a content writer added depth and reach, ensuring resonance with visitors. This partnership with Masri Law Group exemplifies our expertise in creating responsive, user-friendly websites with streamlined CRM integration, dynamic online presence, and efficient features like Google Analytics and reCAPTCHA. Explore our Recap of Masri Law’s Website Build at MPR Designs; and embark on a journey to elevate your online presence. 


Different Directions LOGO

At MPR Designs, we specialize in turning your dreams and ambitions into captivating designs. In a recent project, we worked with a client to create a logo for his boat, “Different Direction,” and produce high-quality t-shirt illustrations. We began with the client’s vision of incorporating shades of blue while ensuring adaptability in black and white. After exploring various styles, we crafted a logo featuring interlocking “D’s” within a compass, symbolizing the new direction he was embarking on. The design also celebrated marine wildlife with the inclusion of a sea turtle and marlin. This logo was swiftly approved in our first revision.

Months later, the client returned with a request for a cleaner, more refined boat outline, emphasizing simplicity and elegance. Additionally, he challenged us to design a captivating propeller element that symbolized his expertise as a navigator and pilot. This propeller incorporated discarded marine life elements from the logo and concealed a hidden Mickey, creating an exciting adventure for his son and friends. Our collaboration with the client continues to evolve, and we’re excited to see where Different Directions will take us next. Explore our Logo and Merchandise Package at MPR Designs, featuring fast response times, creative illustrations, out-of-the-box thinking, and customization options to create a unique brand identity. Read More about Different Directions Logo Journey.


Our total branding package for Sugared Rim offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your brand identity and establish a memorable presence in the craft cocktails industry. Beginning with an in-depth exploration of The Sugared Rim’s unique identity, vision, and target audience, our expert team collaborates closely with you to craft a cohesive brand strategy. We then bring this strategy to life through a custom-designed logo that captures the essence of The Sugared Rim’s craft cocktails experience, incorporating elements of creativity, sophistication, and innovation. Building upon this foundation, we extend the brand identity into a full suite of collateral materials, including business cards, menu designs, signage, and social media assets, ensuring consistent brand messaging across all touchpoints. Additionally, our branding package includes comprehensive brand guidelines to provide clear direction on how to maintain brand consistency and integrity over time. With our total branding package, The Sugared Rim can confidently establish a strong brand presence, attract new customers, and cultivate lasting relationships in the competitive craft cocktails market.

Logo for From Mae to Zeke Training

At MPR Designs, we’re passionate about capturing the essence of brands through their logos. Our journey with Tina, representing the pet care and training business From Mae to Zeke Training, exemplifies this belief. Tina’s enthusiasm for her brother’s business led to a vibrant and eye-catching logo that perfectly represents From Mae to Zeke Training.

During the design process, we collaborated closely with the client, incorporating their preferred color choices and three animal symbols into the logo. A live Zoom meeting ensured meticulous adjustments and color variations, resulting in the selection of the ideal logo. Our Logo Design package offered a range of logo versions in various formats, delivered within 48 hours. With our fast response time, creative illustrations, and attention to detail, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Jacque and Connor as they elevate their brand. Explore our Logo Design Package at MPR Designs, where customization features and a quick turnaround time await to bring your brand’s story to life. Contact us today, and let’s turn your vision into a unique logo that speaks volumes, creating a brand identity that truly shines. Learn More about the inspiration for Mae to Zeke Training.

MPR Designs focuses on every detail to personalize your logo. Our collaboration with Jordan, who recently acquired a pink boat, provided an exciting opportunity to craft a boat logo that exudes fun and personality.

Jordan’s vision for the boat logo revolved around predominantly featuring the color pink while ensuring recognizability in black and white. The design journey incorporated elements from the boat manufacturer that she admired, as well as her favorite animal, the flamingo, cleverly woven into the boat’s name, “Flemin-Go.” A live Zoom meeting was pivotal in finalizing the design, exploring fonts to achieve the desired “Tommy Bahama” feel. With Jordan and Eric’s input, the boat logo was refined, and the final design was delivered within a week. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Jordan and Eric on upcoming projects. Explore our Project Wrap Up of Logo Design for Flemin-go at MPR Designs and set sail on your unique logo creation journey.

Best room attendants business card design


Discover how we partnered with Juan to create business cards that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Bestroom Attendants. Our business card design service is the key to making your brand unforgettable. Sleek, professional, and swift, we provided Juan with high-quality business cards in just two days, setting his brand apart.


From design to delivery, MPR Designs ensures that your business cards reflect your brand’s excellence. Whether you’re starting fresh or rebranding, our business card service is designed to impress. Look more into our Project with Bestroom Attendants and their custom business card and logo design service. 


laser photonics business card design


When LP, a valued client, approached us to design business cards that would stand out at trade shows, we took a unique approach. Alongside traditional contact information, we integrated QR codes that, when scanned, led directly to an online brochure, a compact way to share extensive information. This creative medium provided a dynamic and interactive experience for potential clients, helping LP’s brand make a lasting impact.


Maximizing Engagement with LP’s Business Cards:

Our custom business card design for LP not only conveyed contact details but also ensured a memorable first impression. By incorporating QR codes that linked to online brochures, we simplified information dissemination while engaging potential clients. We’re always ready to bring innovative ideas to life, just like we did for LP. If you’re looking for creative ways to enhance your brand’s identity, get in touch with MPR Designs today.


KitchenAF Digital Signage


Step into the future of culinary experiences with KitchenAF’s vibrant digital signage, a visual feast curated by MPR Designs. Our collaboration aimed at transforming the dining atmosphere through a dynamic 6-screen display, showcasing over 100 delectable menu items and creating an immersive journey for patrons.


A Culinary Symphony: Our meticulous approach allowed us to seamlessly integrate KitchenAF’s extensive menu into a captivating visual display. With precision, we highlighted each menu item, ensuring that the diverse offerings were not only presented but celebrated. From appetizers to desserts, every dish found its moment in the spotlight.


Favorites in Rotation: Adding a personalized touch, we incorporated KitchenAF’s fan-favorite dishes into a mesmerizing rotation of photos. This not only elevated the visual appeal of the display but also created an emotional connection with patrons, inviting them to indulge in their go-to culinary delights.


Promotions that Pop: Beyond the culinary showcase, our digital signage service became a canvas for marketing promotions. Special offers, seasonal delights, and limited-time deals seamlessly blended into the display, catching the eye of diners and igniting their curiosity.

Immersive Dining Experience: The 6-screen display was strategically designed to envelop diners in an immersive experience. Whether seated at the bar, a cozy booth, or a communal table, patrons could explore the extensive menu and promotions, enhancing their overall dining experience.


Effortless Integration: Our team ensured a smooth and effortless integration of the digital signage into KitchenAF’s ambiance. The transition between menu items, rotating favorites, and promotional content flowed seamlessly, contributing to a visually harmonious and engaging environment.

Captivating Imagery: The visuals weren’t just about showcasing dishes; they were an artful presentation. High-quality images captured the essence of each menu item, tantalizing taste buds and encouraging patrons to embark on a culinary adventure.


Dynamic and Adaptable: The digital signage created for KitchenAF was not static but dynamic and adaptable. Updates to the menu, new promotions, or seasonal changes could be effortlessly incorporated, keeping the display as fresh and exciting as the offerings.


Step into KitchenAF and let our digital signage redefine your dining experience. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, the immersive display is designed to captivate, inspire, and elevate your culinary journey. MPR Designs invites you to savor the future of dining.

merchandise tshirt design current surfboards


Our Current Surfboards merchandise is more than clothing; it’s a tribute to the tight-knit surf community and its unique language. The intricately designed t-shirts and other products speak a language only surfers understand, like the term “mowing” – not the garden kind! In the surf world, “mowing” refers to the art of shaping surfboards, where skilled hands use a planer to sculpt foam into the perfect curvature, creating high-performance boards. Our designs reflect the passion and camaraderie of surfers, letting you wear your love for the waves with pride. Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, or tank tops, our merchandise captures the essence of surf culture and makes a statement that fellow surfers truly appreciate. So, grab your gear and join the tribe, because with Current Surfboards, we’re more than just clothing; we’re the language of the waves. Dive In and Read More about our Projects that we have collaborated with Current Surfboards. 


tshirt design current surfboards


Red America First Logo


Embark on a creative journey with MPR Designs, where every detail is meticulously crafted to personalize your video content. Our recent collaboration with Red America First was a thrilling opportunity to infuse fun and personality into the content creation process.


In the heart of this collaboration, our team delved into the diverse world of Red America First, drawing inspiration from a myriad of topics discussed. The challenge was to optimize content for a wide audience while maintaining a distinct and recognizable style across all platforms. The content creation journey unfolded seamlessly, incorporating insights from historians, doctors, and various experts, akin to navigating uncharted waters. Our commitment to quality production ensured that the visual and auditory elements were finely tuned, creating an engaging viewer experience.


Red America First, much like a vibrant boat on an expansive sea, required a distinctive branding identity. Our design process included integrating the Red America First branding seamlessly into the content, creating a unified and recognizable presence.


As with any creative endeavor, collaboration played a pivotal role. Social media platforms became the virtual meeting ground, connecting viewers from coast to coast. QR codes strategically placed in our videos served as gateways to additional resources, fostering deeper engagement.

The branding consistency, akin to the unchanging horizon, was maintained across all content, reflecting the essence of Red America First. Themed content weeks explored local issues, creating a sense of community and shared experiences.


We invite you to explore our diverse portfolio, where each video is a unique creation, much like a vessel navigating through the vast sea of information. Join us on this exciting voyage with Red America First, and let MPR Designs be your compass in crafting content that leaves a lasting impression.

Embark on your content creation journey with MPR Designs and navigate the waves of creativity. Together, let’s set sail towards a captivating and impactful video edition experience.

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