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[Website Build] Current Surfboards

Current Surfboard Website Example
Current Surfboard logo
Logo for Current Surfboards

Current Surfboards contacted MPR Designs for a four-page website that would collect information for custom surfboards as well as a e-commerce tool for the companies surf apparel. This Florida based surfboard manufacture was looking for a website with simple layout to use as a tool in the companies sales of apparel and to help gather detailed information on potential leads for surfboards. MPRDesigns was able to execute the clients requests with providing new solutions that opened opportunity for more functionality options. We were able to create a website that when above and beyond the clients expectations.

Preview of Live Website – Current Surfboards

Design process for Current Surfboards

Firstly during our consultation, we went into great detail when it came to the requirements and expectations of the website. We outlined that Current Surfboards was using the Square software to process all of their orders. Together we visited websites that the owner liked and talked through some of the details of why they wanted to see something similar in their own website. During this meeting Dan was able to forward over all of the logo and pictures of previous boards that were created by Current Surfboards. There was no demo website requested, MPRDesign immediately start the building of the new site for Current Surfboards.

Live Zoom Website Meeting – Design and Construction Editing Session

Following the delivery of the 1st draft of the website, we scheduled our next meeting a few days away. During the meeting we were able to execute the list changes that Dan provided at the meeting. I worked with Dan on the follow of the customer and how he would like them visit each page. We went page by page and talked about how the website was intended to function and talking in detail of the function of the personalized contact forms. Furthermore, we were able to integrated his square platform to woocommmerce so that we could have the new website connect to his current inventory. This was appreciated by the client as he has already used square for many year before the introduction of the website. Client did not want to have to start with a new payment platform.

Live Zoom Website Meeting – Final Check before Launch

In a short amount of time, I was able to finish all the final changes and we schedule our final meeting. We planned to go over and proof read everything on the website before launch. Prior to the meeting, I provided Current with a packet that included my suggestions on where site needed to be adjusted to optimize its performance. Our final step was to confirm that all the information was correct and we were happy with the design. We launch the site January 17th and look forward to following up with the client at their one month check in!

Current Surfboards T-Shirt and Merchandise Design

For this t-shirt design Dan really wanted something that only the surf community would really understand. Being a tight group of passionate surfers they have specialized terms like “mowing.” But in this community we are not mowing lawns. Mowing foam in the surf community is when a surfboard shaper uses a plainer to level the foam to the perfect curvature to make a high performance surfboard.

tshirt design current surfboards
Florida Flag Hoodie
apparel design current surfboards
Women Current Tank Top

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Example of QR Code Bundle Included

Home Page
Contat Us

We will follow up with Current Surfboards at their first month with their website live to discuss any changes that need to be made and talk about insight on her first month performance. Above all we enjoyed working with Current Surfboards to create a tool that their customers can use to start the process of getting a custom surfboard and hopefully catch a wave very soon.

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Current Surfboards announced the launch of their new website through popular social media applications. Their team looks forward to using the site for lead generation and e-commerce sales. With a new tool like this they are able to spend less time on taking order and more time in the water!

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